My Journey

What does it mean to live life NOW? To live life fully present, conscious.

To explore this question, I use my art making process to discover and reveal my authentic place in this world.

My sculptural works are self-actualized observations turned into participatory experiences that celebrate where I’m at on my life’s journey.

The uncharted terrain that captivates me is the ‘form to formless’ world of ‘Human to BEing’.

The navigational tools & techniques I use are a culmination of formal training, curiosity, and serendipitous accidents.

The materials I use reflect ‘our time’ and try to be the least devastating to our environment.

Ultimately, I am on this journey to connect to my unique inner purpose, that mystical spark that connects us to all living things and guides us to be empathetic and compassionate in this rapidly transforming world.


Exploring the playa with my Aquatrope.

Inspired by Steampunk and 1970s bike culture, Richard Wilks' Evotrope is a three-wheeled vehicle that explores the artist's connection to the natural world.