My Story

I grew up in a family of makers, craftsmen and artists. There were good times and bad times. As a kid, I imagined quirky worlds where everyone got along and invented contraptions that could take you anywhere. Not having had a white picket fence childhood turned out to be my greatest teacher.

I’m a creative hybrid: artist-graphic designer-builder/maker-inventor-seeker. A deep sense of compassion for others underscores my interests in social, environmental and political issues. The 1970s bike culture, the Maker Movement and Burning Man have ignited my creativity and stories are at the core of everything I do. Today I use a blend of physical and digital tools in my creative process, working primarily with steel and aluminum.

Since graduating with honors from the Art Center College of Design in Pasadena, I have worked for a range of companies, including Walt Disney Imagineering, tapping into my story driven-process to visualize and conceive environmental branding work for museums, exhibits, theme parks, and related projects. I live, work, and play with my wife and two daughters in Los Angeles. An “open garage door policy” inspires the community at large to pop into my work space as I cut and weld my concepts to fruition. Everything I create is meant to inspire participation and help us consciously reconnect to ourselves and the natural world.

Exploring the playa with my Aquatrope.

Richard Wilks interview by Errant 360  -  Make sure to Click and Drag to experience the full 360 interview.

360 video tour of my studio in the Los Angeles Brewery Artist Colony. Click and Drag while viewing.